PAPER MOON (Free Screening!)

USA | 1973 | 102 minutes | PG

Real-life father and daughter Ryan and Tatum O’Neal team up as slick con-artists Moses Pray and Addie Loggins in 1930s Kansas. When “Moze” is unexpectedly saddled with getting the 9-year-old Addie to relatives in Missouri after the death of her mother, his attempt to dupe her out of her money backfires, and he’s forced to take her on as a partner. Swindling their way through farm country, the pair is nearly done in by a burlesque dancer (Madeline Kahn) and an angry bootlegger.

Director: Peter Bogdanovich
Cast: Tatum O'Neal, Ryan O'Neal, Madeline Kahn


50th Anniversary Screening!

Enjoy a free screening of Peter Bogdanovich’s 1973 father-daughter duo comic drama PAPER MOON, with an introduction by Hollywood Suite’s Cam Maitland, and a sneak peek of the upcoming new episodes of the continuing Hollywood Suite original documentary series A YEAR IN FILM.

Hollywood Suite is excited to invite you to this free screening to celebrate the upcoming premiere of four new episodes their original documentary series A Year In Film. This May, A Year In Film’s panel of cinema experts will explore the iconic films of 1973, 1985, 1999 and 2010, including Paper Moon, which marks its 50th anniversary this year.

Set on the great plains during the Great Depression, Paper Moon stars real life father and daughter Ryan and Tatum O’Neal as the roaming conman Moses Pray and newly-orphaned girl Addie Loggins. When Moses agrees to deliver Addie to her aunt in Missouri, the two set off on a road trip filled with scheming, double-crosses, and multiple run ins with corrupt lawmen – while building an unlikely bond.

A critical and commercial success, Paper Moon made an instant star of Tatum O’Neal – who had never acted before landing the role. She would take home the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress (the film’s sole win out of four nominations), becoming, at just 10 years old, the youngest person to ever win a competitive Academy Award.

In an interesting bit of film trivia, the film was originally attached to another director – the iconic John Huston – who had lined up a different real life father and daughter to play the leads – Paul Newman and Nell Potts. When Bogdanovich took over, he turned to Ryan O’Neal, whom he had worked with on What’s Up Doc (1972). It was the film’s production designer Polly Platt, Bogdanovich’s ex-wife and collaborator, who suggested Tatum O’Neal. Platt had a noted eye for talent, having already discovered Cybill Shepherd and going on to recognize the talents of Wes Anderson, and brothers Owen and Luke Wilson.

Doors Open 30 Minutes Before Showtime.